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Clean & Sweep is a family run gutter cleaning company working in Brighton and East Sussex. We are professional, friendly and offer a good value and reliable gutter cleaning service.

You can call us to book an appointment or for a quote 01273 956295
We specialise in:
  • Cleaning gutters,
  • Cleaning PVC facias
  • Cleaning Soffits
  • Cleaning rooflines
  • Cleaning signs and promotional boards
As expert gutter cleaners in Brighton Clean & Sweep can carry out domestic or commercial gutter cleaning services and have experience in cleaning:
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Outbuildings

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Why is gutter cleaning important?

We are all busy people and tend to put off a job until we see a problem . Unfortunately waiting till we see a problem is often when expensive damage has already been caused. Damp and water damage from old or leaky guttering can cause havoc and is often the result of leaves and debris gathering in the gutter during the winter months. To check if you have any issues with your commercial or household guttering we recommend taking a step outside your building in the rain and see if any rain is running down your walls – good and well maintained guttering should mean that all the rain from the roof is being taken away from your building not towards it.

Whatever type of gutters you have, iron, pressed steel (more common on old or commercial premises) or plastic gutters – call Clean & Sweep for a competitive quotation

Cleaning your gutters annually can go a long way to minimising the problem.

Another way to identify a gutter problem is a sagging gutter – this can be caused by the weight of leaves and debris in the gutter or by old or broken fixings or joints. While cleaning your gutters Brighton's Clean & Sweep will identify if you have any more serious guttering issues.

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​When should you get your gutters cleaned?

Most people living in Brighton or Sussex will notice in early spring when they venture into the garden for the first time that their gutters look grubby – this is a great time to give Clean & Sweep gutter cleaning services a call - later on in the year when there are more plants and colour you are far less likely to think about your gutters.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance should be an integral part of marinating your home but is often overlooked in favour of jobs that are more rewarding or can be seen from the house. And, unless you have all the right equipment at hand It's a miserable job too.

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